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Friday 28- a nice and sunny day and not that cold.
I did my stretches, yoga, ran three miles with 1.5lbs around each wrists, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for ten minutes.
I went to visit Jimmy and Clarice. They were already outside shooting clays and I joined them for a short spell before I had to leave for a lunch date.
Again, I got home in time to do my stretches, lifted 10 lbs dumbells and, went for my evening walk with my backpack.
I did my studies; a lesson in Beginning Latin book, and another in “1100 words you need to know workbook”, and I drew something: a woman’s face I think.
I finished chapter 6 of “Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies”
I did my stretches, lifted 20 lbs dumbbells, and went for a night run.
I practiced my guitar.
I watched “2010” and then episodes 11 and 12 of “Voyager”.

Saturday 29- a really nice day outside.
I did my stretches. My body has been telling me the last few days to ease off on all the exercising I’ve been doing. So I’m going to take a few days off and then do light exercises for a while.
I heard shotgun blasts and I knew that Jimmy and Clarice were outside shooting at clays again. I jumped on my scooter and arrived just as they had finished and starting to pack it all up and head on home. I helped them get it all squared away in their SUV. We all hugged and said our goodbyes. It was really nice to see the two of them again.
I got back home and cut up a bunch of firewood for the stove; looks to be mighty cold tonight and the next few nights in the foreseeable future.
I updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the Newsletter.
I also messed around on FaceBook for a long spell.
I went for a short evening walk.
I watched a new episode of “Fringe”.

Sunday 30- cloudy but not that bad of a day.
I did my stretches.
I drove to Stater Bros in Twentynine Palms to pick up a few items like comfort food: Entenmann's Classic Buttermilk Doughnuts (So yummy that they even have their own FaceBook page).
On my way back home I dropped off a package for Kelly that was sent to my mailbox by mistake.
I called family and friends just to let them know I’m still corporeal. It was time for me to just stay inside and stay warm and cozy as the flames heated the house while I watched a Movie “The Next Three Days” (2010) starring Russell Crowe. It was really suspenseful and I found myself gripping onto my pillow. To calm myself down I then watched episode 8 of “Alley McBeal”, and episode 13 of “Voyager”.

Monday 31- a very nice but cold day indeed for New Year’s Eve!
I did my stretches, yoga, ran a mile, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes. Like I said I’m going to take it easy for a while and cut down a little on how much I exercise.
I spent much of the day on the phone talking with my Brother and other folks yapping about the New Year coming up; probably do the same tomorrow.
I went on a short evening walk.
I spent a lot of time on FaceBook yammering with my friends here in the USA and also in faraway places. It was a lot of fun as we all celebrated together the New Year as it came in halfway around the globe: India, Copenhagen, Philippines, Asia, Middle East, the whole dang world! It always amazes me how much we are alike in many ways, how much we have in common. The world has a new society now, a new nation that has arisen not in the physical sense, but as electronic pulses traveling at the speed of light that knows no barriers, has no borders, and grows exponentially for the betterment of humankind; this is the new world of Social Networks, born from the Internet, and we are its citizen.
It was time for me to go for a night run and bring in the New Year! I been doing this for a few years now. Just before midnight I start my run up the hill in front of my house and by the time I get to the top the New Year begins. My friend Vicki wanted me to video my run and post it on FB. I told her it’d be dark, but others want me to do it too. Here’s my run into 2013:


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