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Saturday 09- I did my stretches and yoga, ran a mile, lifted weights, did the core trainer, punched the bag some, and rode my bike.
I've been watching this Eagle's Nest Webcam for a few days now and have shared the link with others; we all find this very fascinating especially my friend Joan! Linda, grade school teacher I know, is going to have her students watching it. Right now there are three tiny baby chicks!

Sunday 10- I did my stretches. I worked around the yard doing some gardening and planted all those cacti that I got from Roger Smith the other day. I called friends and family.

Monday 11- I did my stretches and ran two miles.
I went for my evening walk listening to lecture 1 of Astronomy 7B.
Something of interest I’ve found: On March 21, 1962 a bear becomes the first creature to be ejected from a vehicle at supersonic speeds. I would not want to be the one who went to retrieve the bear afterwards!

Tuesday 12- I took Kelly to her doctor’s appointment in the lower desert.
While Kelly was being seen by the doctor I jawed with a married couple who were down from Fresno, or there abouts, but used to live down here in Indio three years ago. They say they like the doctor but I think it’s the free hamburgers. The husband worked in law enforcement. He told me that in 2001he was a prison guard where Sirhan Sirhan was being incarcerated. And just days before the 911 attacks Sirhan kept telling everyone something big was going to happen on that day and wanted a TV to watch. The husband also said the guards had to separate the Muslim population from the general population for fear the Muslims might be harmed after they cheered upon hearing of the attacks on New York City. There were a lot of ex Marine inmates in the prison who didn’t take this cheering too kindly, he said. I don’t know if this story is true or fiction made up to pass the time in a doctor’s waiting room, but I found this all interesting and I believe that I may have heard of this or something like this: Sirhan’s knowing, at the time after the 911 attacks. After Kelly stuffed my backpack with hamburgers from the doctor’s office we went to Starbucks in Yucca Valley.

Wednesday 13- I did my stretches and yoga, ran a mile, lifted weights, did the core trainer, punched the bag some, and rode my bike.
After I found out last night that silver had reached $40 an ounce I went to Yucca Valley to sell all the silver I had bought in the 90s at $4.00 an ounce! I told the broker that I was using the 100 ounce bar I had for a doorstop. I deposited the money at my bank and then went to Vons and bought some fried chicken and then went to Starbucks for coffee and ate it there. I got in a conversation with this lady, her name is Monica. She’s into recycling stuff and renewable energy. Monica said she started in the environmental movement after she saw the commercial of the crying Indian back in the 70s. I told her that was Iron eyes Cody and that my friend Joel runs a website in his memory; I didn’t tell her that I maintain the site.


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