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Welcome to the month of June!  Not as hot as yesterday and with a little bit of breeze.
I did my stretches, lifted dumbbells, rode my bike, core trainer, yoga, lifted weights, punched the heavy bag, and ran up the hill and back carrying 5lbs in each hand.
I watched lecture 25 on the Berkeley biology course about: how to isolate and use Genes.
I went for my evening walk; took a picture of a Horney Toad on the trail.
I read a chapter of Edgar Rice Burroughs “A Princess of Mars”.
I read a chapter of “Grand Design”.
I went for a night run, and played guitar.

Saturday 02- the temps got to 106.
I did my stretches and ran a mile and a half.
I called up family and friends.
I cleaned here and there getting the dust off the shelves. It gets very dusty being that I live next to a much traveled dirt road.

Sunday 03- temps around 103.
I continued cleaning up my little home.
Piper Cort called to invite me over to a party she is throwing for her daughter who is leaving for Australia. Joey, her boyfriend, asked her to tell me to bring my guitar. I got there at 7:30PM with two guitars. Piper is a fantastic cook and there were all kinds of this and that to eat. After yapping and eating for an hour, me and Joey went into the back room where he had set up a set of drums. We started playing but needed a drummer. Joey asked Piper to get someone in here to drum. Robert was elected and we played for three hours. Damn crazy we were and my fingers were, and still are, very sore. I left there a little after midnight.
At 1:30 I went outside and got everything setup for the Partial Lunar Eclipse that would be starting in about half an hour. I had every camera I own sitting on the table ready to shoot the Moon! About 2am it started and I was clicking away, trying different settings on different cameras, to get a good shot of the Moon. At 4:03AM it was at as eclipsed as it was going to get. That’s when my neighbor’s rooster started crowing- stupid rooster. I stayed out a little longer and then started putting everything away. I didn’t get to bed until way after 5AM.

Monday 04- a little hot but not bad. A nice breeze came with the setting Sun.
I did my stretches, lifted dumbbells, rode my bike, core trainer, yoga, lifted weights, punched the heavy bag, and ran up the hill and back carrying 5lbs in each hand.
I continued the cleaning of the dirty dusty house.
FedEx delivered a leather cover for my Mead Composition book. I’m going to start carrying it in my backpack so I’ll always have something to write on.
I read a chapter of Edgar Rice Burroughs “A Princess of Mars”.
I watched lecture 26 on the Berkeley biology course about: Genetic regulation of development.
UPS delivered 2Gigs of memory I ordered for my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I installed that and used the old memory1Gig in another Toshiba laptop I have.
I went for my evening walk.
I read a chapter of “Grand Design”.
I watched lecture 26 on the Berkeley biology course about: Genetic regulation of development.
I went for a night run. I would have played my guitar but “I got blisters on my fingers” (not really, but they do hurt. The phrase comes from the lyrics of an old Beatles song)…

Tuesday 05- very cool day outside and a bit windy after sundown.
I did my stretches and ran a mile and a half.
USP delivered Linda’s truck registration that I need to take to DMV on Friday.
I called the Honda dealer up to tell them my little scooter won’t start and I want them to fix it. After I explained the problem the service guy said that it sounds like bad gas and Honda wouldn’t cover it under warranty and I’d have to pay. My heart rate and blood pressure went up but I kept control. I told him that the scooter I purchased on April 17 only has 85 miles on it and that I hadn’t put any gas in it and is still running on the gas they at the shop put in when I bought it. Well, he went on to say that I didn’t run it enough and other hogwash to make it seem like it was my fault. Finally he said he’d check in with Honda about it and call me back.
The Transit of Venus started at 3pm and I went to Kelly’s house to watch it. Yes and Venus is 60 some million miles from the Sun and 30 million something miles from us on Earth! We live on a wee teeny tiny little speck of dust; the flotsam and jetsam which obit the huge Sun. We got a few picture of the transit with my camera. We quickly went down to Staters Bros. and got some hamburger meat. We got back and continued to view the transit and take pics until sunset. Then we watched it on NASA TV using my iPad. I had to make a special run back to Staters because the butcher put way too much seasoning in the hamburger meat which made it unfit to eat. Kelly made some mighty fine cheeseburgers!

Wednesday 06- a little warmer but still nice.
I did my stretches, lifted dumbbells, core trainer, yoga, lifted weights, and punched the heavy bag.
Well the Honda service guy called me back and told me the same old story he told me yesterday that Honda would only cover it if it was a bad part. I asked him if he bought a new car and it died and wouldn’t start and was told he had to pay to get it fixed, how he would feel. He said he’d be upset that the gas in California was so dirty. He said to bring it down, but didn’t say if I’d be charged.  Later I called and got a hold of the sales guy who sold me my little scooter and he asked me to try draining the carb and putting new gas in the tank and give it another try before I bring it in; he said that they would work with me on getting it fixed. I mean, only 85 miles on the scooter and not even two months old and they’re going to “work with me on it”, give me a break! I’ll try what he said tomorrow and see what happens. I do love my little scooter.
I read two chapters of Edgar Rice Burroughs “A Princess of Mars”.
I decided to help Kelly get her operation that will relieve the pain in her spine. The medical office has been giving her the run around denying her access to her doctor and the operation. Beware there’s Greedy Evil people out there! But we knew that already, didn’t we…

Thursday 07- the weather is warming up.
I did my stretches. My hip is acting up so I’m going to lay off it for a spell.
I called Kelly’s doctor’s office and got that all squared away so she can go ahead and get her operation.
I worked on the Honda scooter, draining the float bowl and mixing new gas with what little was left of the bad gas they put in. I finally got it started and drove it around. Then I parked and left it for to idle for a long spell and run the good gas through. Little did I know that when it idles it doesn’t charge the battery, in fact it discharges it! I found that out when I turned it off and tried the electric start. Good thing is it has a kick start!
I drove the scooter over to a neighbor’s house to check to see if he was doing okay. He was in an argumentative mood, said some mean things to me, so I left… abruptly.
I tried to put argumentive in the sentence above, but MS Word, Google Search, and most dictionaries say there’s no such word. Well who are they to tell me there ain’t no such word! I’ll give the Grammar Nazis a crumb or two to feast on in their slimy little damp shadowy dungeon where they wither away at unspeakable doggerel. He was in an argumentive mood. So there! I guess I’m being argumentive about argumentative, but I feel better :)
I rode my little scooter to the mailbox and back home; 12 miles round trip.


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