Saturday 07

Nov. 8th, 2009 02:21 am
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Saturday 07- I did my stretches and lifted weights.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 50 and 74 degrees, light breeze, humidity around 28 percent, mostly clear skies.
According to the National Weather Service: “Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 75. Calm wind becoming southeast between 4 and 7 mph. Sunday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 49. West wind around 5 mph becoming calm.”
I was just about to start tiling when Judy Ruggles called saying she bought a used car in Twentynine Palms and I told her to come out my way on her way back home for a visit. I have been in touch with her on MySpace for a few months. I wrote in my newspaper column back in June 2007 about the Chuckwalla Fest at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneer Town where she played her banjo. I’ve been trying to get up enough nerve to go down to the Joshua Tree Saloon on open mic night on Tuesday or on a Sunday and I wanted her to critique my songs which I wrote and my guitar playing to see if I was up to such an endeavor. I gave Judy directions on how to get here but told her that I’d meet her at Lear Ave so she wouldn’t get lost. The roads here are dirt and washboard and I kind of felt sorry that she had to drive her new car down these rickety roads of ours. I gave her the grand tour of my home showing her my solar panels and the work I’ve done with the tile. We yakked for a spell getting to know each other. Then I played a few of my songs for her. It’s very hard for me to play in the presents of people, something I’m just going to have to get used to, and I managed to get through a few songs with only a few mistakes. She said that she honestly liked them and encouraged me to get down to the saloon and play. I just have to make the leap which I hope to do in the next couple of weeks. Judy is an interesting person with lots of wonderful stories; I think we will become good friends.
I went for my evening walk and met Ginger and her son Vincent on the trail where they were taking an evening walk, too. We talked as we walked and ended up at an old abandoned house on top of a nearby hill. She had her killer dog with her that had bit me on the toe a few weeks ago, but the dog came right up to me and let me pet her, so I’m guessing that the killer dog likes me now or is scheming for a way to gain my confidence and then attack me unawares. We had a nice walk!
When I got back home it was already dark and I made a few calls to Family and Friends. Then I worked on the new Win7 operating system trying to figure it out, getting it updated, and making it run the way I want it to run. Then I did my stretches; practiced my guitar; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.
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 Thursday 29- I did my stretches and ran two miles.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 46 and 62 degrees, winds from the NNW at 4-16 MPH, humidity around 25 percent, mostly clear skies.
According to the National Weather Service: “Friday: Sunny, with a high near 71. Northwest wind between 6 and 8 mph. Friday Night: Clear, with a low around 47. North wind around 6 mph becoming calm.” 
I didn’t lay any tiles today and just rested my poor old tired body. I uploaded fifteen pictures of the End of Summer Bash that we had at our community center to the Copper Mountain Mesa Website.

Stoney needs me to add the 760 area code to his dialup number so he can get online. The double area code overlay went into effect yesterday and now we have to add it when we call our neighbors. I told him of my aches and pains and he said that I was welcomed to come over for a hot shower. Let me tell ya that hot water running on my sore muscles made me feel like a new man!
My front door would only open about a foot and I had to squeeze to get through after I laid the tiles in front of it yesterday. So I fixed that today by jacking up the door and resetting and tightening the bolts that hold it. Then I went for my evening walk just before the sunset. The winds started to pick up on my way back making it a cold and windy walk.
I watched the Nightly News again; just bad stuff, and I think it will be the last time for a while. I watched “My Name is Earl” to cheer me back up. “Fastforward” came on ABC; it’s starting to get drawn out. The best show tonight was this film on PBS called “Nowhere Now: The Ballad of Joshua Tree” about the independent musician folks in my area of the desert. I saw the show tonight and thought it was wonderful! I was at Chuckwalla Fest at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneer Town in 2007 which appeared in the show. I wrote an article about it in my column "Copper Mountain Mesa News" for the Hi Desert Star. The show makes me want to take my guitar down to the JT saloon and play some of the songs I wrote! Judy Ruggles has been trying to get me to go down there on Tuesday's open mic night and I just might take her up on it.
I did my stretches, practiced my guitar, wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.
Here's the column I wrote:
Our little Community has heard from Scott Sorensen and his gal friend Anita that their buffalos Buffy and Sally each had babies last week. I used to care for their buffalo before they moved to Lancaster.

Cuckwalla2007Last Sunday Ron Dehart and I drove on over to the Chuckwalla Fest at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneer Town. On the way we went through all the devastation that last July’s Sawtooth fire had caused: the hills stripped bare of all vegetation leaving charred Joshua trees and naked rocky vistas that were once lush with green life and folks homes. So sad that I decided not to take any pictures. We walked through the restaurant where we had our hands stamped leading outside that held two stages, one big and a smaller stage for individual performers. Hula GalJudy Van Ruggles picked a good banjo and belted out some great vocals. Steve and Darlene Lester played some very nice Bluegrass while these nice looking gals hula hooped. I was especially entranced with one hula hooper in tie-dye green dress and beads in her hair, reminded me of the 60’s. She hooped with little effort right in front of me, I felt right at home! Alice and Albert played on the small stage some original songs of theirs and they made it all worth it! (well them and the hula gal) The Chuckwalla fest use to be held at the Metaphysic Center in JT and I liked the wide openness of it all there better, but Pappy and Harriet’s has a distinct atmosphere all of it’s own and I had a mighty nice time.

Thought for the week: Imagine a Democracy where there aren’t any political parties and everyone was sovereign unto themselves. That way no group could control to the detriment of others.


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