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Saturday 28 - I did my stretches and ran two miles.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 40 and 56 degrees, winds NW at 10 to 18 MPH, humidity around 48 percent, low stratus clouds but no rain.
According to the National Weather Service: “Sunday: A 20 percent chance of showers before 10am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 59. North northwest wind between 11 and 16 mph, with gusts as high as 22 mph. Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 38. North northwest wind around 10 mph.” 
Brien and Naomi came by with their two sweet daughters for a short visit to spread the word of the lord. They are a nice family and I like their visits.
I dropped by Ginger’s to ask Dakota if he’d wanted to go to the potluck and to let him use my cell phone to call his Mom who is stuck in Utah by a snow storm there.
I called some Family and Friends while I was getting ready to go to Mike and Stevie Villarreal’s After Thanksgiving Bash and the community’s Potluck afterwards. I cooked up some sweet potatoes for the potluck and I bringing some homemade cranberries to the Bash. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of eating today!
I arrived at the Villarreal’s a little bit after 1pm and started taking pictures. Mike and Stevie’s home is nicely decorated like a western movie set with old oil lanterns, antique furniture, stuffed dolls, and horse gear. I saw my neighbor’s Joyce Ware and Ron Monasterio, I chatted with them for a spell. Joyce is doing well and just a feisty as ever. I noticed that a red light was blinking on my camera saying it was out of memory and had to make a fast trip back home to get the flash card I had forgotten to put back in. Many of the folks from last year showed up: Jack from the Rock House brought his grandson, Lennart and his wife Barbara, Mike and Stevie’s son Mat and his wife Amanda were there along with daughter Lauren, and Biff a nice old lady who once helped man our fire department No. 44 a long time ago when it was still in operation. We all sat down to eat smoked turkey that Dick the butcher sent over earlier because he couldn’t come to this year’s Bash. Mat stood up to give a heartfelt thanks to us all for coming and how we have changed his life for the better over the last few years. The food was mighty good and there was plenty of it! After dinner, twelve year old Lauren sang a lovely song while I videotaped it; Lauren did a mighty fine job of it. A couple of ladies cried when she was done! Lauren is going to be in a national singing contest later next year and we all wish her success! She has a YouTube site called katspcittin if you want to hear Lauren sing.
Then I had to leave, pick up Dakota and head over to the community Potluck where I ate some more food! There were only about eight folks who showed up, but I told them it wasn’t the quantity but the quality of the folks who came. We all had a fun time!
I dropped Dakota off and went over to Stoney’s to drop off some bottled water for his air breathing thing and watched a little country and western singing on the TV. Stoney watches this show every Saturday night. I not big on C&W but I didn’t mind.
I finally got back home and there was a message on my phone from Frank who had gone back home somewhere in LA and had left his keys at his house here. I called and he asked me to go tell his son, who is staying here, to bring his keys down to him when he leaves. So I went on over on a dark and windy night to relay the message. I was knocking but no one answered but I heard voices inside. Frank’s son’s children were staring at me from the window thinking that I was some crazed desert hermit coming to abduct them or something. I finally convinced them only after I called Frank on my cell phone and handed the phone through the door. It turns out their father was up the street working at another house and had left them alone. With that done and out of the way I went on home.
I called Judy Ruggles and yapped with her for a bit, and then watched “Criminal Minds” on CBS. I did my stretches; practiced my guitar; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.


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