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Sunday 07- very windy.

I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for five minutes.

I called Family and friends.

I watched season 2 episodes 21 and 22 of “Numb3rs: Rampage, and Backscatter.”

Monday 08- very very windy.

Way to windy and dust in the air to exercise so I’ll take the day off.

I drove my new scooter to the community center for the board meeting; the Neighborhood Watch was called off due to Linda S. being sick. Strange things happened there at the meeting which I had nothing to do with.

I watched season 2 episode 23 of “Numb3rs: Undercurrents.”

Tuesday 09- very windy.

I did my stretches but it was still windy outside.

I took Kelly to her doctor’s appointment in Palm Desert. On our way back home stopped at Chilly Willy's fish and chips in Yucca Valley on our way home from a doctors appointment in Palm Desert. Our waitress was named Sandy; she was very knowledgeable about the menu and the area and treated us just fine. The fish and chips were mighty good, served with five different sauces to dip the fish into.

The price was right...

Only problem was they no longer take credit cards and we had to scramble for cash, but I won't take a star away for that...

I watched season 2 episode 23 of “Numb3rs: Hot Shot.”

Wednesday 10- a little breezy but not bad.

I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, ran up the hill with 5lbs, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.

I rode my scooter to Twentynine Palms to get Kelly’s prescription filled; it took them over an hour to fill it. I went to Stater Brothers and picked up an 8 piece fried chicken for us to eat, and a few other things. I stopped in at Burger King for a cup of coffee. I had a nice conversation with Derek an employee there, about college and stuff like that.

I stayed at Kelly’s for a few hours watching Star Trek and got home around 9pm or so.

Thursday 11- a wonderful day outside with temps in the low 80s.

I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, ran a mile and a half with 1.5lbs around each wrists, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.

The Mother dove was gone for a long spell and I started to panic... should I bring them inside if Mom doesn't show up, how to feed them, stuff like that went racing through my mind.... I rode my scooter to my friend’s house who is on vacation to water their garden.

I watered my own plants when I got back home. The Mother dove was back sitting on the nest...what a relief!

I did my stretches, lifted 10lb dumbbells and went for my evening walk with my backpack, listening to lecture 5 of Geography 130: different ways of looking at how the environmental problems and issues are quantitated using abstract methods of data gathering that are somewhat erroneous .

I did my studies; a lesson in Beginning Latin book, and another in “1100 words you need to know workbook”, and I drew something: a house.

I did my stretches, lifted 20lb dumbbells, and went for a night run.

I finished chapter 15 of “Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies”: Creating Punnett Squares.

I practiced my guitar.

While messing around with my notebook trying to install Linux I lost my master boot record. It’s too late in the night to do anything about that now.

Friday 12- a few clouds and temps in the low 80s.

I did my stretches.

I updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the Newsletter.

I went outside and noticed that the mother dove wasn’t there so I went over to see the little ones in the nest. I was talking and cooing to them when I noticed, not a foot away, the mother dove was sitting right on one of the buckets next to the nest watching me. I backed away slowly and left them alone. I was surprised she let me that close to her babies.

(This next part is for Techies only) I spent the better part of the day messing around with my notebooks. I won’t mention the little stuff like downloading OSs and loading them onto USB sticks, or searching for drivers and such.

I have found the reason that I lost my MBR (master boot record) on the notebook is recently there is something called a Secure Boot, or UEFI, (a surprise to me) which prevents programs like the GRUB bootloader from creating a dual boot system; like Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux. So when I forced GRUB to write a record there it erased my MBR and I wasn’t able to gain access to any OS; the notebook was basically bricked. The fix I found was quite easy; put in a Windows system DVD, I used Win7, and click on Repair when it’s all loaded. Then go into the terminal and type: “bootrec /fixmbr” and that fixed it so I was able to boot up into Win8 with no problems and nothing lost. I tried several other methods today to get Ubuntu Linux to boot up; creating a new partition; even their new download that was supposed to work with UEFI wanted me to delete Win8! Not the solution I was looking for. I will continue my search for the answer later.  

After I gave up on the dual-boot the Win8 notebook, I worked on another one that’s been giving me problems; my HP Mini-note 1000 running XP like it was pouring honey on a cold winter’s morn. I had installed Ubuntu on it and it ran about the same and didn’t have WIFI and doesn’t have an RJ45 slot to hook it to a router to get the drivers needed to get the WIFI to run. Well last night when I went looking for my Win7 DVD, I came across an old USB Wifi dongle I used on my old Win ME desktop. So I plugged it into the Mini-note and the WIFI worked with Ubuntu, yea! But it still ran really slow. I remembered that Lubuntu, which is a lighter Linux OS version of Ubuntu, ran mighty fine on my Dell Mini 9 Netbook. So I installed Lubuntu over XP and Ubuntu wiping them off my drive for good. It ran just fine and I was able to install the needed WIFI drivers for the HP Mini-note’s WIFI through the dongle; all is well and it feels like a new system. I went into the Terminal and typed: "sudo apt-get install Lubuntu-restricted-extras" and was able to get and run flash on the Chrome Browser. The only thing that didn’t work was the Amazon movie player on their website. Skype works as well! That’s how I spent my day; I love this stuff :)

I started chapter 16 of “Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies”: Non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance.

Saturday 13- a bit breezy with temps in the low 80s... it really started blowing hard around 2pm and is building as I write this.

I did my stretches, lifted weights, yoga, ran a mile and a half with 1.5lbs around each wrists, core trainer, and punched the heavybag for two minutes.

I took the Cougar at for a short spin; seems to be running okay, but I still don’t trust it yet after last time; just trying to build up my confidence little by little.

I checked and filled the batteries with distilled water.

I listened to lecture 6 of Geography 130: Economics, the dismal science.

I kicked back after doing all my chores around the house and mindlessly surfed the internet. I wanted to go do some stargazing tonight but because of the high winds I’ll wait until tomorrow.

***** Stuff I Wrote this Week******

Awaken from a dream in a garden of spring's delights by dandelion seeds buckle in tiny parachutes dancing upon the sky.

Memories of bittersweet sorrows, of a love that refused to die, Majestic flows of vivid colors, leave their patterns written in my mind.

How to contain these deep emotions, running wicked through my brain, in breaking waves of pounding sorrow they wear away reality as if waking from a dream.

Oh faithful memories do matter, they dwell to keep me warm, I am balanced on a scale of forever whose fulcrum is quite worn.

Tither be the handmaiden to a religion of utter greed, to refuse these deep obsessions of life and love, a burden, a soul in flame.

I gathered all I’ve spoken, I gathered the sorrow all the same, for the road yet untaken they follow, leaving footprints in the rain.

So please forgive my ramblings, they are from a mind that’s quite been used, simple is forgiven my friends, in the land of silent scorn.  



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