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Saturday14- I did my stretches and ran a mile.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 39 and 64 degrees, winds out of the NW at 7 to 12 MPH, humidity around 34 percent, clear skies. It’s getting cold outside at night!
According to the National Weather Service: “Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 58. North northwest wind between 10 and 18 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Sunday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 39. North northwest wind between 3 and 8 mph.” 
The Annual General Membership Meeting is being held at 2pm today and I needed to get cleaned up a little so I went over to Stoney’s to take a nice hot shower that made me feel human again. Then I headed on over to the Community Center where the meeting was being held. It was a pleasant meeting and everyone participated. During the meeting we elected the board members who are basically the old board members whose terms were to expire today: Mary Helen Tuttle, Bob Seeley, Lee Hines, and Ron Reese. They are doing such a great job that we all thought we’d give them another go at it. The “New” Board then elected its officers: Katherine Quinn is the new President, Steve Tuttle is VP, and Rob Reese is 2nd VP.
Then we discussed the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Potluck at the Community Center which is for members only and their guests. New members are welcome but they have to purchase their membership at the door. All members who want to attend should bring a dish that can feed at least eight folks.
There was a rush to adjourn the meeting when someone put in a motion to adjourn but I said hold on a minute and give us time to reflect on anything we might want to add; I wanted to get the times of the meetings changed to a weeknight instead of having them on Saturdays to make it more convenient for folks, but Mary Helen beat me to it and raised the question. We discussed this for a bit and came up with the second Monday of the month at 7pm starting this December. The motion was put forth and seconded and all voted aye except for two folks. So now the meeting will be on the second Monday of the month at 7pm, cool! I truly think that this will make the meetings more accessible to more folks and it will free up a weekend for the board members. Then we adjourned the meeting and stood around and jawed for a spell; it was a very productive meeting. I took several pictures of the new Board and the one I’m posting is the last I took when I told them to go ahead and act silly for this one.
Stoney and I went to his house afterwards to sit around and discussed the happenings of today while we watched “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel. I went home just before dark and went for my evening walk. I called Friends and Family to yak at them for a time. Then I went online to do a little webwork.
I did my stretches; practiced my guitar; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.


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